Sumatran Elephants

Sumatran Elephant Conservation Centers in Sumatra, Indonesia, was originally intended as a “school of elephants” to tame and train wild elephants to be ready to serve human needs: “circus”, load carrier, and so on. However, now, the schools hold a nobler mission: as the rescue centers of Sumatran elephant subspecies (Elephas maximus ssp. Sumatranus) whose habitat is continuously and steadily decreasing. They rescued juveniles separated from their herds. When a human-wild elephant conflict occurs, the patrol units are deployed. These trained elephants push the wilds back into the forest. However, they cannot manage all the conflicts due to limited resources—numerous wild elephants are found dead. Poisoned. And the centres themselves gather some critiques from animal lovers regarding the use of equipments and methods of training.

In slideshow: Way Kambas National Park, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, Gunung Leuser National Park • The Way Kambas part has been published in, The Sunday Telegraph—Australia [tearsheet], and NatGeo Kids—Indonesia.

Way Kambas Sumatran Elephant video in Black and White: