Mailbox from the Past

Situated between the continents of Asia and Australia, the Indonesian Archipelago is divided into the Sunda and the Sahul shelves and the Wallacea area in between. The Sunda and the Sahul shelves have been connected with those continents several times, as the result of tectonic movements and sea level fluctuations in Pleistocene time. On the other hand, the Wallacea area has never been connected to any continent. Asiatic faunas have migrated to Java and some of them have even been able to cross over Wallace’s line by sweepstake dispersal. When sea level rose up during the interglacial time, the islands on both continental shelves became separated once again. The story is based on those facts, starting with a 2009 discovery of ancient elephant fossils in Blora, Central Java.  •  Writing (Indonesian)