Lembata Island

According to local tales, on the top of Ile Lewotolok volcano of Lembata Island, lived three tribes in the past: Lemani, Holeba and Goleker. They lived in harmony and peace. As they were all nomads, the three looked to build a new life in the east. There, they found a tribe of cave dwellers near the crater of Ile Lewotolok. The four tribes then joined forces, procreated and produced the generation that now still resides on Lembata Island. In reality, Lewotolok Village is no longer permanently inhabited by its people. They now live in a new village, far under their ancestors’ village. The old village is only visited during pesta kacang (traditional bean festival) or when residents are greeting guests. At the old village, there are only bamboo pillared huts with thatched roofs and oil lamps. Tearsheets (2015)