Karawang Men of Early History Period

Indonesian periods of literary history had been started from 3th or 4th A.D when the existence of Indonesian first kingdoms—Tarumanagara in West Java and Kutai in East Kalimantan—were known based on their inscriptions. On the other hand, there are no adequate informations gathered in terms of protohistory (a period between prehistory and history when a civilization has not yet developed writing, but its existence already been noted by foreigners). An archaeological research team from Indonesia Centre of Archaeological Research has conducted expeditions and excavations in Karawang and Bekasi (West Java) for two years. They have found a large number of fragmentary ceramics, pottery, stone adze, stone bracelet, golden jewelry, beads, and skulls which been predicted as from protohistoric period. These are physical evidences of protohistoric men as well as the culture they carried on. Some of the fragmentary ceramics are similar with products of foreign countries (India, Vietnam, China—an explanation why Java was noted on ancient scripts of China). Also, these archaeological remains indicated that the protohistoric men—or “earlyhistoric men” according to the archaeologists—had a developed culture and had to trade with foreign countries.  •  Tearsheets (2010)